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In conjunction with a superb cartoon artist, Les Howard, Bob has compiled a book called:

If it Has Wheels or Legs, its Going to Give you Trouble.

The book is a collection of humorous short stories with a motoring or aviation flavour and most are based on personal experiences. Some were published in various motoring magazines in South Africa but some have never previously been published.
The link on the left lets you to download an Envoy runtime file with three sample stories. The size of this file is 687 kB. If your system gets fractious about .exe files, email us and we will send you a version in Acrobat (.pdf).
If you enjoy them and would like to read the whole book, email us and we will send you subscription details.
A .pdf (Acrobat) copy of the book will cost:
R50 if you live in Southern Africa
$10 U.S. or 4 Sterling if you live elsewhere.

A paper copy of the book will be available later if there is sufficient demand. This will cost approximately R70, 5 or $12 with a possible small addition for shipping.


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