Our services are moderately priced, varying slightly with the method of payment. There are pricing concessions for large or ongoing contracts.

Cost Examples

Quotations are in South African Rands. Any major currency is acceptable at the prevailing exchange rate on the date of quotation.

Hourly rates are R250.

Aviation Consulting

Specialising in airspace management, aerodrome layout design and equipment specification to SACAA and ICAO Standards each project is quoted based on its individual requirements. Advice on preparing a submission for aerodrome licensing, for instance, will depend on the complexity of the surrounding airspace environment and the possible need for formulating specialised aerodrome procedures. Quotations for projects are usually drawn up based on a full list of deliverables agreed at an initial determination meeting.


Turnkey production of master documents can be roughly estimated at 4 hours per page, plus around 1 hour for each graphic created.

Inserting hyperlinks in electronic documents adds about 20%.

The cost for low volume black and white printed documents is approximately R0.50c per page, plus an extra few rands per copy for covers and binding. Second print runs, even for very small numbers incur no additional setup costs. Low volume colour printing costs are about R6.00 per page, with slight variations depending on paper type.

Production of electronic documents costs approximately:

R120 per 4Gb flash drive

a 4Gb flash drive can hold a full colour document of some 10 000 pages, with multiple illustrations plus an extensive video or presentation or both.

R150 per 8GB flash drive

an 8GB flash drive can accommodate material as indicated above in addition to multiple documents and source illustrations.


Web Design

Web sites are difficult to quantify, depending on the number of pages, graphic content, design concept and so on. A simple web site like this one takes about 40 hours to produce. The cost of registering an address tends to escalate and varies from country to country.

Monthly hosting fees are currently about R150. This includes maintaining the site by making minor adjustments as circumstances demand. Examples are changes of contact details, price structures, addition of news items, etc.


Fees for aviation consulting normally take the form of an initial retainer, with the remainder payable at agreed milestones or at the end of the project, depending on the acceptance agreement.

Equipment supplied for aviation projects requires a 50% deposit prior to order and the remaining 50% before despatch or collection.

Fees for document production are payable in segments. The first segment is 50% of the quoted price, payable on production of first draft. The remainder is payable on acceptance of the final master document.

Additional costs such as printing and quantity electronic production are payable on delivery, unless arrangements have been made to pay the supplier direct.

Fees for web sites are also payable in segments. We ask a 25% deposit on the quoted price before production begins. When the web site style and layout are completed, 50% of the remainder is payable and the balance on completion.

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